samsung 3d tvWhen 3D movies became a big thing, largely thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar, we suppose many TV makers saw the opportunity to create 3D TVs for the home, where users could enjoy 3D content without the need to go to the cinema. Unfortunately it seems that the technology did not really take with consumers.

So much so that according to a report from Forbes, both Samsung and Philips have announced that for their 2016 TV lineup, both companies will not be including 3D technology in their products. According to Philips’ director of product strategy and planning, Danny Tack, “There are no 3D sources and nobody really wants 3D. It also complicates your TV a lot. The consumer need is simply not there.”

Samsung has also issued an official statement to Forbes which reads, “The latest 2016 TV models from Samsung will not feature 3D functionality. We have made this decision based on the limited consumer demand for 3D, and the small amount of content being produced in this format. We are instead investing in producing our best ever TV picture, SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display, as well as innovating elsewhere in our business to deliver an immersive 3D experience.”

This seems to be in line with an earlier report from last month which suggested that both LG and Samsung will be pulling out of the 3D TV race, but what say you? Will you miss 3D TVs? Do you think that at some point in time there might be a revival?

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