Future Samsung TVs Could Be Completely Wireless

At the moment the majority of our electronics required wired connections to keep them powered on. However Samsung appears to be exploring technology that could potentially one day result in TVs that are completely free of wires. This is based on a recently discovered patent by the folks at LetsGoDigital.

LG Discounts Its 4K OLED TVs To Its ‘Best Price Ever’

When terms like “4K” and “OLED” are used together with TVs, there is a good chance that one of the first things that comes to mind is how pricey these TVs will cost. Usually you wouldn’t be wrong, but there is some good news because LG has announced that they will be launching a limited-time offer for some of their 4K OLED TV models.

Philips Unveils A $350 4K Android TV With Google Assistant

When you think of smart TVs with a 4K resolution, you might be concerned that it could be expensive. To a certain extent that is true of certain brands and models, but if you have a relatively small budget, then you might be interested to learn that Philips has actually launched a pretty affordable smart TV.

Panasonic’s GZ2000 Is The ‘World’s Most Cinematic TV’

#CES2019 – At CES 2019 we’ve seen quite a number of interesting TVs from your usual suspects, such as LG who announced that their rollable TV will be launching this year, and Samsung who took the wraps off a monstrous 98-inch 8K QLED TV. Now it looks like Panasonic has some TV announcements of its own in the form of the GZ2000.


Apple Publishes List Of AirPlay 2 Enabled TVs

This year’s CES had a few surprise announcements from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sony. These surprises came in the form of announcements that the TVs made by those companies would all support Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol. Given the fierce rivalry that Apple has with Samsung, it was actually very surprising, although very much welcome.

Sony’s Android TVs Will Soon Support AirPlay 2 And HomeKit

#CES2019 – Despite not physically being at CES 2019, Apple seems to have a pretty big presence at the event. This is because several major TV manufacturers have recently announced support for some of Apple’s platforms and services, such as Samsung who announced that their smart TVs would support iTunes Movies and TV Shows and AirPlay 2.

Samsung Introduces New QLED 8K TVs, Including A Monstrous 98-inch Version

#CES2019 – 4K is currently poised to become the next standard resolution that we can look forward to, but it seems that Samsung is barreling past 4K and going straight to 8K. The company has recently taken the wraps off a bunch of new QLED TVs with 8K resolution, seemingly building on the launch of their 8K TV from IFA last year.

Samsung’s Smart TVs Will Support iTunes Movies And TV Shows, AirPlay 2

Samsung and Apple have a bit of an odd relationship due to the massive legal battle both companies fought against each other several years ago, but yet both companies appear to still need each other and still work with each other. However it was still a bit of a surprise when Samsung announced that its 2019 smart TVs will come with support for iTunes Movies and TV Shows and AirPlay […]

LG Unveils New TVs Powered By Its ThinQ AI

A lot of the so-called smart TVs in the market today aren’t necessarily “smart”. They do come with a ton of features like the ability to support apps, browse the web, and play games, but for the most part they’re still a TV at the end of the day. However LG wants to change that perception with its 2019 smart TVs.

Samsung’s 2019 Smart TVs Will Be Able To Remotely Access Your PC

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your TV could mirror that of your computer? Such features are actually available for some devices, like with AirPlay which would allow an iOS or macOS user to mirror their device to the Apple TV. However Samsung will be taking things to the next level with their 2019 smart TVs.

Google Assistant Could Be Part Of Samsung’s 2019 Smart TVs

Given that Bixby is Samsung’s digital assistant, it is only natural that the company would want to use it in all of its smart products. However at the same time, it’s hard to deny how the competition has them beat, such as Google Assistant in which a recent test by Loup Ventures found it to be the most accurate.

Samsung Updates Its Frame & Serif TVs With QLED Technology

CES is a great place for companies to show off new and exciting technology. If you’re someone who’s really into displays like monitors and TVs, CES is also a great platform where companies usually show off their latest innovations in that space. We’ve seen LG unveil some of their displays ahead of the event, and not surprising Samsung is hot on their heels.

T-Mobile Offering Free Samsung TVs With Galaxy Smartphone Purchases

If you’re in the market for a new TV and a new phone, then you might be very interested in T-Mobile’s latest offer. The carrier has recently launched a new promotion in which for customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, they will be eligible to get themselves a free 50-inch Samsung 4K TV.

Sharp’s 8K TV To Begin Shipping To Customers Next Month

#CEATEC2018 – 4K is poised to become the standard resolution for the foreseeable future, and to a certain extent it is halfway there as we’re seeing more displays offer 4K resolution, and more devices that can capture 4K video. However in the future we could be looking at displays with even higher resolution, such as 8K, and it seems that Sharp is already ready to deliver.