sony playstation vrWhen it comes to playing games on your monitor or your TV, having it run at 60fps or higher would be ideal as it does allow for a smoother experience. However having it run below 60fps isn’t exactly a deal breaker. In fact some gamers might not even be able to tell the difference, but when it comes to virtual reality, it’s a whole different story.

According to a report from Gamasutra during GDC, Sony engineer Chris Norden said that the company will most likely reject games that do not meet its 60fps mark. Norden says, “Frame rate is really important; you cannot drop below 60 frames per second, ever. If you submit a game to us and it drops to 55, or 51…we’re probably going to reject it. I know I’m going to get flak for this, but there’s no excuse for not hitting frame rate.”

We have to say that Norden makes a fair point. The whole point of virtual reality is the immersion into the world you are in. Imagine playing in virtual reality and having certain portions stutter or dip to 30fps because it was not optimized properly, that would certainly ruin the experience for many gamers, not to mention we can only imagine the interrupt might end up making some gamers sick.

Norden adds, “It’s really hard, and I’m not going to lie to and say it’s extremely easy…it’s really difficult. 60hz is the minimum acceptable framerate. Everybody drill that into your heads.”  In the meantime the Sony PlayStation VR is priced at $400 and is expected to be released in October.

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