A very reliable Apple analyst has claimed that Apple is going to make some major changes to the iPhone that it will release in 2017. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that Apple is going to replace the infamous aluminum casing of the iPhone with a new “all glass” enclosure. He also reiterates what we’ve been hearing for a very long time, that this iPhone is going to be the first to come with an AMOLED display.

Kuo previously predicted back in March this year that the 2017 iPhone is going to have a design much similar to that of the iPhone 4. If his predictions are to be believed then it seems that the iPhone 7 that’s due this year won’t come with major changes.

It will be a break from Apple’s traditional release cycle in which it launches an iPhone with major upgrades and design changes in one year and with mostly internal upgrades and minor changes in the next year. It’s expected to follow this pattern for the Apple Watch as well.

Kuo doesn’t explain how Apple is going to make this all glass enclosure. It used glass on the front and back of the iPhone 4, using a stainless steel band to sandwich them, it’s not known right now how Apple is going to primarily fashion the 2017 iPhone out of glass. Apple is already reported to have signed a $2.6 billion deal with Samsung for the supply of OLED panels, presumably paving the road for an iPhone with an AMOLED display.

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