apple_logo2There have been talks that Apple could switch to OLED panels for this year’s iPhone, but there are recent reports to indicate that chances are it will most likely be 2017’s iPhone 7s that will sport the technology. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal China, Apple has apparently placed an order for 100 million AMOLED panels from Samsung.

This is an interesting claim because according to a report from last year, both LG and Samsung were said to supply Apple with OLED screens, but this report certainly sounds like Samsung will be getting all of Apple’s orders, or at the very least the lion’s share of their orders. However it is just a rumor for now so do take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, Apple’s plans to shift to OLED aren’t new. If anything the Apple Watch was a good indication that showed Apple’s interest and potential to make the switch. Like we said earlier, there have been talks about this year’s iPhone sporting OLED screens, but admittedly it does seem to be a bit soon, not to mention Apple tends to introduce newer technology with its “S” series of phones.

Take for example Touch ID that only debuted with the iPhone 5s, along with Force Touch which debuted on the iPhone 6s. In any case we suppose it’s really just a matter of when, but we’ll keep an eye out for more information anyway.

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