3d paintings speed breakersIf you drive, then you know that speed bumps and speed breakers can a painful experience as not only does it mess with your tyre pressure, but it can affect your car’s suspension, and in some cases with poorly built speed bumps, could end up damaging your undercarriage. However such implementations are necessary due to safety reasons, like to prevent drivers from speeding.

However over in India, it seems that the country has come up with a rather novel way of dealing with speedsters. Instead of turning to regular speed breakers, they have instead chosen to deploy 3D paintings which are designed to look like physical objects from afar, thus forcing the driver to slow down even though in reality, it is a flat surface.

According to India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari who tweeted the photo above, “We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers.” The country had actually ordered the removal of speed breakers from highways as they had deemed them to be a safety hazard (oh, the irony) for high-speed vehicles.

As a country with the highest number of recorded road accident deaths, hopefully this new method will work. The idea is not new as it has been tried out in the US in the city of Philadelphia in 2008.

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