csgoWhen it comes to matchmaking players with other players when it comes to gaming, there isn’t a perfect formula yet. For example some systems might try to match players based on their win-lose ratio, but this might not necessarily be fair as sometimes players can simply create new accounts and start on a clean slate.


That being said, Valve seems to be interested in running an experiment in matchmaking by asking Counter-Strike players for their phone numbers. Dubbed Prime Account Matchmaking, basically this will see Counter-Strike players link their CS: GO accounts with their phone numbers. Players can only choose one account to link it with, so players will need to be selective about this.

We’re not sure what the point is when it comes to phone number linking and matchmaking, but perhaps Valve thinks that players who are willing to hand their phone numbers over might be more responsible when it comes to gaming, and might get along better with other gamers. After all it’s easy to create a fake/anonymous account to harass other players especially when there’s no accountability, right?

That being said we suppose it’s not a terrible idea, but at the same time we have to wonder with phone numbers being linked, we have to wonder if some players might be malicious or vengeful enough to start trying to hunt down your phone number should they think you wronged them in the game.

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