find-my-iphoneApple’s Find My iPhone/iPad feature while intended to help users find their lost devices, has in the past few years have yielded some pretty impressive results. For example earlier this year, the Find My iPhone feature helped police track down a kidnapped teen, and several years ago, the same feature also accidentally led to the discovery of $350,000 worth of stolen items.


That being said, it seems that over in Thailand, the same thing has happened. According to local reports, someone had their iPad forcibly stolen from them but thanks to the police using the Find My iPad feature, it led to them a rented hideout in which they found members of a notorious gang called Ma Diaw.

Police managed to apprehend one of the suspects while the rest jumped out the window and into the river in a bid to escape, something like out of a movie. However it seems that their luck did not last long as police managed to round up the gang members at the pier of a local temple after a manhunt.

Thanks to the discovery of the location, the Thai police found all kinds of illegal items such as drugs, ammunition, and cash (presumably from illegal activities). However we should warn you that while such deeds do sound heroic, maybe you should not attempt them yourself as there have been cases where people have been arrested, or in some instances killed, because of misunderstandings that would have been better off handled by the authorities.

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