Google has been testing its self-driving car technology for a few years now and recently it even came up with its own prototype of an autonomous car. The company has made no secret of the fact that it wants this to become a real business and that just might happen in the near future. It appears that Google’s self-driving car is close to graduating from X, meaning that it’s ready to leave the company’s moonshot division and potentially become a standalone business.

What was previously known as Google X is now the X division inside Alphabet, Google’s parent company, following the massive corporate reorganization last year. It’s where the company tests its wildest ideas and sees if they can be transformed into viable businesses.

Astro Teller, “Chief of Moonshots” at Google, has said that the company’s self-driving car is “close to graduating from X.” More information will be revealed later tonight on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, the program is going to air a segment that takes us inside Google’s moonshot division.

Teller will be joined by Obi Felten, “Director of X Foundry,” and they will talk about the projects that the X division is currently working on, which include Project Wing and Project Loon. I’m sure many of us are very interested to find out what happens to the self-driving car at Google once it graduates from the X division.

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