Activision recently revisited the Guitar Hero franchise when they launched Guitar Hero Live. The formula remained largely unchanged with the introduction of several new features and gameplay styles, but ultimately the concept was the same: press the buttons as they are displayed on the screen while rocking out to a song.

However it seems that there was a point in time in which Activision briefly flirted with the idea of creating an MMO based around their “Hero” franchise. This is according to Unseen64’s Liam Robertson who claims to have spoken to the developers of the cancelled project and has managed to get footage of the game as well.

Apparently what happened was that the developer of DJ Hero and Guitar Hero Live, Freestyle Games, came up with the concept many years ago, but it was a bit too ambitious for the company back then. Activision then tasked Dutch studio Virtual Fairground in 2010 to create the game, but ultimately Activision decided not to go with the game in 2011.

It is no doubt an interesting concept and we have to wonder what an MMO “Hero” like game would be like. From what we hear, it would be a browser-based tie-in with the DJ and Guitar Hero franchise, but what do you guys think? How would have such a game fared?

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