Back when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was filming, you might have heard that the actor who plays Han Solo got injured during filming when a piece of the Millennium Falcon set came crashing down on him. It turns out that Harrison Ford’s injury on the set actually helped improve Star Wars: The Force Awakens, even though it sounds bizarre, the injury did contribute to making the movie better.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, Star Wars Episode 7 director JJ Abrams revealed that when shooting was suspended for a couple of weeks after Ford was injured, he got time to work with John Boyega who plays Finn and Daisy Ridley who plays Rey to improve their chemistry on-screen.

“When I was on the set of the Millennium Falcon and we started to do work with Rey and Finn, the first time we did it, it didn’t work at all,” said Abrams, adding that it seems contentious, that he didn’t direct it right and that it was set up all wrong.

Acknowledging that it was a very scary day when Harrison Ford got injured on set, the team ended up having a few weeks off, giving Abrams enough time to take another look at what they had done and rewrite “quite a bit” of the relationship between Finn and Rey.

Once filming started again they reshot those scenes from scratch and the rest, as they say, is history.

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