jins memeFor those unfamiliar, JINS is a Japanese company that specializes in eyewear. One of its unique selling points is that you can pick a frame, a lens, and have it made for you on the spot in about 30 minutes and all for a relatively affordable price. The company has also dabbled in smartglasses in the form of the JINS Meme.

That being said, the company has recently announced a trio of new apps designed for its smartglasses. These apps help to accomplish a variety of things, like with the Office app, it is designed to measure how much you are concentrating. This is thanks to the sensors found in the nose bridge on the glasses.

Your concentration levels will be delivered to the app in which you can check to see at which point you are focused, and at which point your focus starts to wander. Then there is the Zen app. This app is pretty much the opposite of the Office app in that it will help the wearer relax and get into a state of meditation.

Last but not least there is the Walk app. Unlike the Run app, this app is designed to monitor your walking gait and fatigue levels, so in a way you could use the app to monitor your health and to see if your exercise regimen is helping with your fatigue levels.

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