Holographic Display Sign_v2Kwikset is a lock brand that many of us probably use in our homes. Just like its competitors such as Yale, Kwikset has also dived into the smart lock market in which they created locks that can be opened without the need for a key. However the company has recently announced their plans to create a lock that does away with the need for a key.

By that we mean that the lock does not have the option to use a normal key. Typically in smart locks we’ve seen them offer a slot for keys in the event the smart lock should fail, either it running out of battery or due to other technical issues, thus ensuring that the user will still be able to enter their homes worst comes to worst.

According to the company, the decision to create such a lock is to increase security. Since there won’t be a key, it also means that there is one less lock that burglars can pick. The new lock, which has yet to have a name, will feature a full touchscreen that users can enter their codes into to unlock the door.

The lock will be powered by four AA batteries that will supposedly be good for an entire year’s worth of usage. There will also be an indicator on the lock to notify users that the battery is running low and that it might be time to replace them, but a 9V battery can be used as a backup. Kwikset expects to launch this new keyless lock by the end of 2016 with pricing having yet to be determined.

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