kwikset-kevoEarlier last year, we reported on a smart lock by Kwikset called the Kevo. Basically this is a smart lock that unlocks your door using Bluetooth technology. The Kevo is definitely not the first of its kind as there are other similar smart locks around at the moment, but for those who love home automation, you might be interested to learn that the Kevo will now work with the Nest smart  thermostat.

For those unfamiliar, the Nest is a smart thermostat that has the ability to learn your habits so that it is able to predict and adjust the temperature in your home accordingly. With the integration with Kevo, users will be able to change the profiles on their Nest thermostat automatically. For example locking the door will turn the Nest’s profile to “away”, while unlocking the door will let the Nest thermostat know you’re home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

We’re not too sure about the specifics of the integration – for example what if you were to leave the house but there was someone still at home? Does that mean that the user at home has to readjust the thermostat to let it know that there’s still someone at home? Or will there be a prompt asking the user if they want to make these changes?

That being said it’s still a pretty good idea and a pretty efficient one, especially on days when the weather might be unbearably hot/cold and you want the Nest thermostat to kick in automatically upon you entering your home. According to Kwikset, Kevo’s integration with Nest should work for users with the app running on iOS 8 or higher, or for non-iOS users, you will need to have version 1.3 or higher.

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