captionbotIt seems that AI is getting more intelligent everyday. For example it was only a few years ago that social networks like Facebook introduced the ability for the website to be able to detect who are in your photos, thus helping you tag friends and family easily. Now it seems that Microsoft’s AI has taken it to the next level.


Dubbed CaptionBot, this is a bot that is apparently smart enough where it can decipher what is going on in your photo and write out a caption for you. For example as you can see in the photo, the bot attempts to describe what’s going on in the photo and can accurately detect that it is some kind sport and the colors.

Granted it isn’t 100% accurate, but we reckon it does seem to do a pretty decent job. CaptionBot is also a way to show off Microsoft’s Cognitive Services toolkit that helps to build apps powered by machine-learning AI. It comes Computer Vision that can detect what’s going on in images, and also Natural Language that allows the bot to describe what’s going on in a more human-like way.

We’re not sure what Microsoft plans to do with CaptionBot, perhaps it could be integrated into Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile in the future, but in the meantime if you’d like to take the bot out for a spin, head on over to its website to try it out for yourself.

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