If you’re in the market for a fitness-focused smartwatch you might want to take a look at the Moto 360 Sport. It’s a fitness-focused variant of the Moto 360 smartwatch and comes with multiple features that can aid you in your workouts. When this smartwatch was initially launched it was priced at $299 but now it has received a significant discount making it more affordable for a large number of customers.

The Moto 360 is capable of measuring running pace, time, calories burned and it can even track overall distance and much more. It doesn’t look as good as some of the other Android Wear-powered smartwatches do but then again, this is meant to be worn to the gym and not to a black tie event.

Despite the fact that this smartwatch was launched with a $299 price tag, it can now be had from retailers like BestBuy and Amazon for $199.99. Both retailers are selling the Moto 360 Sport for $99 less than its original retail price in orange and white colors. Those who go with the black color option will have to pay an extra $30.

It’s unclear for how long the price has been cut so if you’re interested in picking it up at a low price so now’s your chance, head over to Amazon or BestBuy and purchase the Moto 360 Sport for $99 less than the price it was launched at.

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