With Blizzard’s reputation for quality video games and storytelling, we’re sure many fans of the Warcraft franchise are curious to whether or not that reputation will be maintained when the Warcraft movie is released. After all video games that have been adapted to movies haven’t exactly had a good track record.

We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime if you’re looking to hype yourself up for the upcoming movie, you’ll be pleased to learn that the second trailer for the movie has since been released. Unfortunately it seems that quite a few people have not taken too kindly to the movie’s latest trailer.

For some reason despite it being a fantasy-based movie, and with Blizzard crafting beautiful soundtracks for the game itself, Legendary has instead opted to use some kind of electronic-based soundtrack which doesn’t really seem to fit the tone of the movie. Of course this is just the trailer so hopefully the actual movie will be better.

The upside is that the trailer does give us a glimpse at more scenes that we did not see before, but if you’re looking to avoid spoiling any bits of the movie for yourself then maybe you should skip it. If not you can check out the latest trailer in the video above. The Warcraft movie has been pegged for a release on the 10th of June, 2016.

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