nintendo-logoGame ports are pretty common as for the most part it saves developers a lot of time from having to redesign the game from ground up. However the only downside to ports is that because they weren’t developed specifically for a platform in mind, sometimes it isn’t as optimized as it should, or that it doesn’t take advantage of a platform’s features.


That being said, word on the street has it that the upcoming Nintendo NX will feature a fair number of Wii U ports at launch. The rumor comes courtesy of Emily Rogers, a blogger known for her reporting on Nintendo as well as having provided pretty solid leaks in the past. Her tweets have since been removed which could mean just about anything.

Rogers did not mention which games would be ported from the Wii U onto the NX, but if we had to guess we’d say that perhaps the more popular titles like Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8, and etc. After all these are titles that did help boost the Wii U’s sales, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they helped with the NX’s launch as well.

In fact just several days ago, Rogers reported that the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U will also be making its debut on the NX, and with her latest report we can only assume that it will also be a port. Her previous claim also indicated that the upcoming Zelda game will allow gamers to choose between playing Link as a male or female version.

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