If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of electricity that you use, then not using the dryer to dry your clothes all the time will be one way to go about it. In fact on a sunny day, hanging your clothes out to dry could potentially be faster, not to mention it will be environmentally-friendly as well.

However what about if it rains? We know how frustrating it can be to your freshly-washed clothes drenched in rain, but detergent maker Omo has come up with an idea. This idea comes in the form of a prototype device called Peggy. Peggy is essentially a smart clothes peg that will be able to detect when rain is about to come, thus giving you ample time to bring in your clothes before it gets soaked.

This is thanks to its ability to connect to the internet with its built-in WiFi module, and from there it will be able to tap into weather information like your local weather conditions, thus making it able to tell when it is about to rain. It also has the ability to send notifications to an accompanying smartphone app to let users know when their clothes have been dried off.

Unfortunately at the moment Peggy remains a prototype and Omo has yet to decide if they will release a more refined version, but if they do, the company states that they would aim to sell it for tens of dollars which is admittedly relatively reasonable.

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