Members of the British royalty might be making their debut on the big screen with Star Wars: Episode VIII. According to a new report, both Prince Harry and Prince William recently filmed a small part in the upcoming Star Wars movie. It’s said that both of them played stormtroopers, and if you know what stormtroopers look like, you’ll know that we won’t actually be seeing their faces on the screen.

Since stormtroopers are rarely unmasked, with the exception of Finn in Episode VII but that was vital to the storyline, we never actually get to see the actors that play them.

Daniel Craig, James Bond himself, made a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a stormtrooper and you never pick up on that while watching the film because you don’t get to see his face. It’s not even known in which scene we see Mr. Craig’s stormtrooper.

So if both princes really have filmed a small part as stormtroopers we won’t really know for sure until there’s confirmation. During their visit to the set the press was told that they would have lunch followed by a private tour, but according to the report, they were whisked to the wardrobe department where they suited up as stormtroopers and later filmed their small cameos.

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