star wars rey finnWhile Star Wars: Episode VIII has been delayed to December 2017, the good news is that principal photography for the movie has begun, meaning that we can expect filming to begin if it hasn’t already, followed by some post-production work, and hopefully the movie will be released on time.

Now there is a lot of mystery surrounding Episode VIII as no one has any idea as to what the story will be about, but given the cliffhanger we got from The Force Awakens, safe to say that many are eagerly looking forward to it. That being said, a recent post has made its way onto Reddit (via The Guardian) in which the script for the movie has been allegedly leaked.

Now we won’t tell you any of the details to avoid any potential spoilers, but basically the script seems to outline what we can expect from the movie, who are the characters we can look forward to, what kind of scenes we will be seeing, and so on. Given that there’s no way of confirming how real this alleged leak is, for all we know it could simply be the work of fan fiction.

Based on the comments posted in response to the script, many seemed to be pretty okay with the direction of it. Some did think it was a bit cheesy, but overall the general sentiment is that Reddit doesn’t seem to hate it. In any case take it with a huge dose of salt for now, but if you’re not too fussed about spoilers then hit up Reddit for the details, but remember, you have been warned! Note that the thread has the “Debunked” flair but there hasn’t been any proof to suggest that it has (or hasn’t for that matter).

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