Tesla is taking steps to ensure that people who purchase its all-electric vehicles don’t face range anxiety. It’s improving battery technology and it’s also setting up Supercharger stations in markets where it sells its cars so that people can quickly charge up their cars on the road. Tesla also has a secondary network called Destination Chargers which it’s now expanding across Europe.

Destination Chargers have already been available in several cities across the United States and Asia, it’s now finally being expanded to Europe, starting off with 150 locations across 14 countries.

The idea with Destination Chargers is to provide a place to owners where they can plug in their car, it has to be an easy-to-access location like a restaurant or hotel where owners are likely to stop on a long journey.

Charging at one of Tesla’s Destination Charging locations enables owners to get over 58 miles of range per hour of charging. The 150 locations picked across Europe include golf clubs, casinos and other businesses where patrons can kill a few hours.

These chargers aren’t as fast as Tesla’s Superchargers but at least they do provide the much-needed range for the company’s all-electric vehicles. Tesla is starting out with these 150 locations across Europe and it will gradually add more Destination Chargers down the line.

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