According to a post on its official support forum, Ubisoft is going to deploy a fix for a major bug in The Division. The fix will arrive as part of the upcoming update for this game. The bug has left quite a lot of players locked out of their accounts so update 1.1 for the game that’s going to be rolled out across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 12th is going to fix that finally.

Many players have complained on the subreddit for The Division after being locked out of their accounts or being made to sit through loading screens that never end. It was later revealed that the issues are being caused by a bug that’s linked to crafting high-end backpacks and other gear.

Once players crafted and equipped the items, particularly the backpacks, they found the items automatically disappearing from their inventories and that’s frustrating, to say the least. This bug eventually makes the game freeze and leaves players locked out of their accounts for several days.

On April 12th, Ubisoft is going to release an update which brings a fix for this bug. The update also includes the first expansion for The Division, the free DLC will enable players to access the Incursion events and trade loot with fellow players.

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