Ubisoft today revealed further details about the upcoming The Division Last Stand DLC. It confirmed that the DLC and the new 1.6 update is not going to be a timed-exclusive for Xbox One and PC like Underground and Survival before it were. So those who didn’t like the fact that previous DLCs were timed-exclusives can rest easy this time around, they will get to play Last Stand at the same time as Xbox One and PC gamers.

Ubisoft didn’t confirm a release date for The Division Last Stand DLC but it did reveal that the next update is going to include PvP and PvE elements. It also added that a new Dark Zone North is being added which will give players more freedom to explore underground and interior areas.

It mentioned that the size of the Dark Zone has doubled and that players can move from DZ 6 to DZ 7. “It is one contiguous space,” said Ubisoft. Players will be allowed to fast travel between DZ checkpoints.

The Last Stand is an organized PvP inside the Dark Zone, it is 8v8 and does have support for matchmaking. Ubisoft is going to introduce a new Incursion with Last Stand but it’s going to provide more details about that in the future.

Ubisoft has still not confirmed when The Division Last Stand is going to be released, hopefully, it will make that public in the near future.

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