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The Division Developer Reportedly Working On Battle Royale Title
The massive success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have sparked interest in the battle royale genre so it won’t be surprising to see other game developers come out with similar titles. According to a new report Sweden-based Massive Entertainment, the developer working on the sequel to The Division, is also working on a battle royale title of its own.

The Division Xbox One X Patch Release Date Confirmed
Ubisoft had already confirmed that it’s going to release an Xbox One X patch for The Division which will enable the title to leverage the additional performance offered by Microsoft’s most powerful console yet. It has now confirmed The Division Xbox One X patch release date. The patch is going to be out in less than two weeks.

The Division 2 Launch Confirmed By Ubisoft
There were no rumors about this which is why Ubisoft’s announcement today came as a surprise. It announced a surprise sequel to 2016’s The Division. Ubisoft has revealed that The Divison 2 is going to be developed by Massive Entertainment, the Swedish studio that was the main developer behind the original online shooter as well.

The Division Goes Free For All This Weekend
If you’ve heard a lot about The Division but haven’t really got around to spending your money on it, you might want to fire up your gaming console this weekend because The Division is going free for all. The free weekend will enable players to try out the game without paying for it. If they like what they see, they can then get done with the weekend and purchase the […]


New The Division DLC Will Be Released For Free
There’s some good news today for those who spent their money on Ubisoft’s The Division. The game has been out for quite some time now on consoles and PC. The initial experience wasn’t as good but Ubisoft has worked hard to improve things and it’s now focusing on the expansions to provide more to those who like playing this game. The Division creative director Julian Gerighty has confirmed that the […]

The Division Last Stand DLC Not A Timed-Exclusive
Ubisoft today revealed further details about the upcoming The Division Last Stand DLC. It confirmed that the DLC and the new 1.6 update is not going to be a timed-exclusive for Xbox One and PC like Underground and Survival before it were. So those who didn’t like the fact that previous DLCs were timed-exclusives can rest easy this time around, they will get to play Last Stand at the same […]

The Division PS4 Pro Support Arrives, Survival DLC Released
A big update for The Division is rolling out today. It brings the much-awaited support for PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the Survival DLC that has been out for over a month now on PC and Xbox One. The DLC is finally available to players on the PlayStation 4. The update weighs in at 2.86GB and it’s rolling out now to PlayStation 4 owners across the globe who own […]

The Division Public Test Server For PC Arriving Soon
Ubisoft has previously announced a delay for the release of The Division’s PC Public Test Server and fans players didn’t like that at all. However, the announcement it has made today will be welcomed by the community. Ubisoft today confirmed when The Division PTS is going to be launched. A technical test for the server is going to be conducted later this week and only after the test is completed […]

Ubisoft Delays The Division DLC
Bad news for The Division players. Ubisoft has announced that it has delayed upcoming downloadable expansions for this game. The second expansion for this game – titled Survival – has now been delayed to a “later date this year,” and this has impacted the third planned DLC as well. Last Stand is now going to be released in early 2017.

The Division Movie Confirmed By Ubisoft
Ubisoft is making another movie based on one of its games. It has confirmed that The Division is now being adapted for film. The confirmation came in today but it was actually rumored a couple of months ago that Ubisoft could be looking to make a movie out of The Division. The movie is going to star Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead. He has previously worked with Ubisoft on its […]

Ubisoft Will Permanently Ban First-Time Cheaters On ‘The Division’
Ahead of the launch of Overwatch, Blizzard announced that they would be taking a very hard stance against cheaters and would permanently ban anyone caught cheating. We guess some gamers did not think they were serious or thought they could get away with it, but right out the gate we saw more than 1,000 accounts permanently banned for cheating.

The Division Movie Reportedly In The Pipeline
Ubisoft launched Tom Clancy’s The Division earlier this year. The game did quite well, earning over $330 million in the first five days after its launch, breaking many company records in its first week. Ubisoft seems to be looking at other ways to cash in the game’s popularity and it appears that a movie is not off the table. Reports suggest that a The Division movie is in the pipeline […]

Second The Division Update Detailed, Arrives Next Week
Ubisoft has detailed the second The Division update that’s going to be released in the coming week. It’s called Conflict and it’s the second of the two free updates that Ubisoft had promised for The Division. It brings new incursion, high-value targets and extraction hijacks. New gear sets are also included that players can use to complement their playstyles further.

Malfunctioning Server Caused The Division Missing Character Issue
Many The Division players were in for a surprise when they applied the game’s update 1.1. The launch didn’t go as smoothly as Ubisoft would have hoped as the update ended up wiping out characters of many players. Naturally, the players were very angry that the characters they had spent a lot of time building were just wiped after the update was applied. Ubisoft has now confirmed the cause of […]