Virtual reality is now more affordable than it has ever been before, not to mention more powerful, and it’s gradually carving a niche for itself in the mainstream. VR is being used to live stream everything from concerts to sporting events and later this week it’s also going to be used to for the first live stream of a surgery in virtual reality. Viewers will be able to watch the entire proceedings as if they were in the operating room.

Medical Realities is going to host the first live VR surgery stream on April 14th through a 360-degree camera that will show the entire operating table.

Those who want to tune in will require the company’s app and a Google Cardboard viewer though other headsets that work with smartphones will do the trick as well.

Since it’s going to be a live operation on a human being the team is well aware of the risks involved. It’s a standard tumor removal but you never know when things can go south during an operation which is why the live feed will be delayed by one minute.

Virtual reality has already been used to help out during surgery and now using the technology to bring viewers into a place where nobody but the patient, doctors and staff are allowed will enable viewers to get a sense of what goes on inside the OT.

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