verizon-2gb-androidpayGoogle has tried to entice folks to make use of their Android Pay service before, where using it ten times would result in receiving free stuff from Google. This time around, Verizon has decided to provide some good news to their customers – as long as they make use of Android Pay three times, they will be on the receiving end of 2GB of free data without any other additional strings attached. This is in contrast to Verizon charging customers who suspend a line voluntarily, don’t you think so?

Free data – who does not want that? For Verizon customers, all that you need to do is to boot up the Android Pay app on your Android-powered device, make use of it on any of the 1.5 million locations that are scattered and accepted all over the US, and you are ready to receive 1GB of data for free.

Making use of Android Pay two more times, and you will then be on the receiving end of a second GB of data for free. Do bear in mind that you will first need to own an Android-powered smartphone that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat or higher, alongside having NFC support, before you are able to take advantage of this particular mobile payment service. [Press Release]

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