android nHave you had an overdose of Android N in the past week? Well, if you have answered in the negative, perhaps it would be all right to check out the fact that Android N does allows Chrome windows in both sides of a split screen, now how about that? After all, the split screen happens to be a standard feature for mobile platforms that is gaining popularity, for the simple fact that screen sizes are large enough for companies to take advantage of in such a manner.

Google’s Chrome browser will boast of a feature which will enable one to enjoy Chrome windows in both sides of a split screen, although this feature can only be invoked in the latest beta version of Android N. Hence, one can only keep one’s fingers crossed that this will end up in the final version of the update, and it is pretty dummy proof to use, too.

You will first need to open Chrome and enter split screen mode, and when one opens the overflow menu, an option known as “Move to other window” will move your existing tab to the other side of the split screen. At point of publishing, only a single tab can be moved, although this does not mean that you cannot have other tabs open on each side of the split screen.

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