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Companies that are working on self-driving car technology envision a future in which we never really have to be in the driving seat. Our cars will take care of everything while we enjoy more time to relax on the commute. There will be obvious benefits to this, like the extra time you get to spend with your children when dropping them off to school. However, an expert warns this convenience may also cause people to have more sex behind the wheel.


It’s no secret that people do have sex behind the wheel, it’s one thing if the car is parked in a dark alley somewhere though the police won’t look down favorably upon that, but if the car is still moving when someone is trying to accomplish something then it presents a much bigger public safety problem .

Barrie Kirk, co-founder of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Center Of Excellence, predicts that “there will be a lot more sex in cars” once our cars are fully capable of driving us from place to place.

Kirk adds that this will diminish peoples’ ability to respond quickly when the car asks them to take over, and that’s quite possible in many scenarios when the computer driving the car feels that the human should take control, and if one is in the middle of inflamed passions then that can prove to be a bit tricky.

His concerns are valid but we must not forget that the human capacity to do stupid things is limitless, so it goes without saying that there will be a lot of people trying this out just for the sake of it when our cars go fully autonomous.

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