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T-Mobile has made waves in the mobile industry of the United States with its uncarrier initiatives that have included music and video streaming that doesn’t eat away at users’ data plans, aside from much more. According to a new report, T-Mobile is going to make its eleventh uncarrier move early next month and this time around it’s going to offer you an actual stake in the company.

The report suggests that T-Mobile is going to start a customer appreciation campaign and launch an app called T-Mobile Tuesday, the app will give its customers the chance to win weekly freebies, take part in prize giveaways and even get equity (shares) in the company.

T-Mobile is reportedly going to promote this with a #GetThanked hashtag, and will form marketing partnerships that will entitle its customers to a Wendy’s Frosty, a Domino’s pizza and a Vudu movie download every week. Other prizes on offer through raffles will include trips to events, movie tickets, and gift cards.

It’s interesting to note that T-Mobile is also said to give a quarter-share of T-Mobile company stock, which is trading around $30 currently, per line to qualifying subscribers. Apparently they will have two weeks to claim it after the uncarrier 11 event.

This is unorthodox, to say the least, mobile carriers don’t go around handing company stock to their subscribers, but looks like T-Mobile might do it, offer subscribers a stake in the company itself no matter how small that stake actually is. T-Mobile’s uncarrier 11 event will reportedly take place on June 6th.

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