HTC stepped into the VR arena with the Vive headset. The headset has received good reviews ever since it came out a couple of months ago and now the company is down to the business of selling this handset and supporting it with great content. HTC has an internal VR software startup that’s going to create games for the Vive. The first title created by this startup is called Front Defense and it will be unveiled at Computex later this month.

Front Defense promises epic battlefield fights, a wide range of weapons and a healthy dose of action. It’s just one of the VR experiences that the company will be showcasing at Computex.

Holodia is one of the new VR experiences that HTC will showcase at Computex. The company calls it the world’s first virtual reality fitness experience, enabling people to achieve their fitness goals in fantastic VR experiences. Other VR experiences that HTC will be showing off include Ruckus Ridge and Jeeboman.

HTC has taken quite a big step with virtual reality and it’s showing its commitment to the platform by not only working on the hardware but by also supporting it with content, which is of paramount importance when it comes to VR.

Computex 2016 kicks off on May 31st.

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