Giphy is one of the best online sources to discover GIFs, it has an infinite catalog of GIFs from pop culture, original animations as well as real-time content. All of the GIFs are ready for sharing on smartphones, tablet, and desktops but to cut down on the discovery time, even more, it has released a keyboard app for iOS. The Giphy keyboard app is now available for iOS, making it much easier to send GIFs mid-conversation on an iOS device.

Giphy has teamed up with online services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack and even Tinder to put GIFs on their platform. The iOS keyboard is just one of the steps that it’s taking to further promote the GIF culture.

It’s not just a GIF keyboard, it’s a robust keyboard as well, so when you’ve installed it you don’t need to switch between keyboards if you need to send a very important email in which no GIFs can be attached.

Keep in mind though that it doesn’t have autocorrect so either you can rejoice because it won’t cause embarrassing situations for you or you can be sad that it won’t help you with your typos.

What it does help you out with is quick access to GIFs that can immediately be shared. It’s even possible to create your own GIFs by pressing down on the Magic 8-ball button, but those GIFs will take some time to load.

Giphy Keys is now available as a free download from the App Store.

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