Articles about GIFs

How To Make a GIF From A YouTube Video
GIFs are everywhere these days. While some of us don’t find them particularly funny, we do use them from time to time to roast a friend about his fresh profile pic on Facebook or to express our enthusiasm about The Office coming back to TV.Since using GIFs has gone mainstream, the process of creating one has become quite easy as well. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you […]

Facebook For iOS Gets Built-In GIF Creator
GIFs are short animated pictures that are great for sharing online when simple pictures or even emoticons just won’t do. As you can probably imagine, GIFs are very popular on the internet, so it’s never surprising when an online service incorporates them into its product. Facebook already lets you use GIFs on the social network and now you can create one using its official iOS app.

Giphy Keyboard For iOS Launched
Giphy is one of the best online sources to discover GIFs, it has an infinite catalog of GIFs from pop culture, original animations as well as real-time content. All of the GIFs are ready for sharing on smartphones, tablet, and desktops but to cut down on the discovery time, even more, it has released a keyboard app for iOS. The Giphy keyboard app is now available for iOS, making it […]

Giphy's Image Search App Comes To Android
Giphy, an online GIF bank, today released its image search app for Android. The app can be used to find and share animated GIFs easily, users can browse the entire Giphy library using the app and then share what they like on multiple platforms like Twitter, Gmail, and Messenger. The new Giphy app is now available for download via the Google Play Store.


Tumblr TV Is Here To Spin Your Head Right Round With Heavy Dose Of GIFs 
Are you a GIF lover? Do you forage the internet for GIFs all the time? And to top it all, you play these GIFs in loop, umm just for fun? Well, Tumblr has got your back. It has come up with Tumblr TV, which playbacks GIFs endlessly in full-screen format, the GIFs included on the basis of their presence on internet.

Hulu GIF Search Engine Is Here
Some of the most popular GIFs are made from scenes or moments in popular TV shows and movies which can then be used as a response in an appropriate situation online. Video streaming service Hulu thought it would be better if users had a much easier way of searching for search GIFs, and that’s probably why Hulu launched its own GIF search engine. Its called “The Perfect GIF” and is powered […]

Imgur GIF Maker Launched
Imgur is a network that is undoubtedly going to keep the GIF alive forever. Most of the GIFs I come across everyday can easily be traced back to the vibrant Imgur community so its only fitting that this service launch a tool which makes it easier for people to create them. That’s just what Video to GIF does. It’s the Imgur GIF maker we have all been waiting for.

Animated GIF Support Comes To Twitter
Oh you’re definitely going to love this little change from Twitter! The world’s most popular microblogging service announced today that support for animated GIFs has now been added to Twitter on the web as well as the mobile applications. The support has already gone live , so animated GIFs can now be viewed on and its apps on Android and iOS.

Pinterest GIF Support Is Finally Here
Pinterest has actually become quite popular over the years, moreover its been actively offering new features to users to keep them onboard. Just recently it launched a new recipe search engine, allowing users to search thousands of recipe pins from public boards, which means that they’ll never run out of dishes to try out. Today, the much awaited Pinterest GIF support has finally been added. They can be played and […]