During Google I/O 2016, Google really dived into the virtual reality scene. We know that Google was always interested thanks to the launch of Google Cardboard, but by launching Daydream, their VR platform, it looked like Google was getting more serious. However since virtual reality is still relatively new, there’s still lots of stuff that needs figuring out.

We’ve seen companies like HTC and Oculus introduce controllers to allow players to interact with the VR world, and recently Google has shown off a new and novel way of typing in VR by using tiny drums. It sounds like it would troublesome and hard to type like this, but as it turns out it proved to be rather fun and relatively fast too.

According to Google, “We were initially skeptical that drumsticks could be more efficient than direct hand interaction, but the result surprised us. Not only was typing with drumsticks faster than with a laser pointer, it was really fun! We even built a game that lets you track your words per minute (mine was 50 wpm!).”

Of course it’s unlikely that this will become the new typing method for the future of VR, but it does show all the different possibilities of how we could interact with the technology.

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