nexus-9-officialEarlier this year, the Nexus 9 was being offered at a 40% discount which led some to believe that maybe HTC and Google were trying to offload some existing stock. Later the tablet simply disappeared from the Google Store which then led to speculation that the tablet was being discontinued, possibly in favor of a newer model.

Now whether or not we will be seeing a new Nexus 9 model remains to be seen, but in the meantime HTC has confirmed to the folks at CNET that the Nexus 9 has indeed been discontinued, and that we will no longer be seeing the device in the future. It is possible that there are some retailers who might have some units left in stock, but otherwise don’t expect to find newer ones in the future moving forward.

So far Google’s Nexus tablet lineup hasn’t been doing as well as their Nexus handsets. Perhaps it could be due to the fact that tablets simply aren’t refreshed by customers as often as smartphones. It is also possible that due to the variety of tablets out there that apart from getting timely updates, there is really no compelling reason to get a Nexus tablet.

We have heard rumors that Google could be returning with a new Nexus 7, but given that Google I/O has already ended with no new tablet in sight, maybe that rumor was for naught, although another possibility is that it could be unveiled alongside their new Nexus handsets later this year.

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