huawei-logoThe legal world can be a pretty difficult one to navigate, that is for sure. Well, Huawei, which is one of China’s largest technology companies (not to mention the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world), has apparently filed a lawsuit against South Korea’s Samsung, citing that Samsung has allegedly infringed on technologies that are related to its very own 4G connectivity and user interface.


This is definitely something new, as the world is far more accustomed to seeing both Samsung and Apple duke it out across various courtrooms all over the world. To see Huawei take this step (and with good reasons too, based on what Huawei has presented) might be surprising to some. It also does give out the image that Huawei is not going to take things standing down should they feel that their intellectual property are being infringed upon.

Huawei has gone ahead to file suits in the United States as well as in China, as they are looking for compensation for unlicensed use of 4G technology, in addition to unspecified infringements that are connected to the operating system and system software.

Ding Jianxing, head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Rights Dept., said, “We hope Samsung will…stop infringing our patents and get the necessary license from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward.”

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