imessageOne of the reasons why people flocked to BlackBerry back in the day is because of BBM. It was an exclusive messaging platform that many people wanted to be part of back then. Fast forward to today, Apple has their own take on the platform in the form of iMessage, a messaging service exclusive to Apple’s iOS and OS X products.

This means that if you have an Android device, you’d be out of luck, or are you? Thanks to the efforts of a developer bboyairwreck, he has created an Android app called PieMessage that will basically bring about iMessage support on your Android device, allowing you to send and receive iMessages even if you don’t own an iPhone.

Sounds too good to be true? In a way it sort of is. The app really does what it claims, but there is a catch and that is you need to own a MacBook or an iMac. How it works is that through the software, it will route iMessages received on your Mac computer onto your Android device, which is why a Mac computer is necessary for this to work.

Like we said, it is an unofficial workaround that we can imagine Apple won’t be too thrilled about. For now it appears to work, but we wouldn’t be surprised if further down the line Apple will find a way to block its functionality. For those interested in checking it out, PieMessage is an open source project that is available for download via GitHub.

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