instagramA couple of months ago, Instagram announced that they will be taking a cue from Facebook and roll out a new feed based on posts it thinks might be the most relevant to you (based on who you follow, of course). Right now the feed is based on the most recent at the top and gets later as you scroll down.

More than 100,000 people petitioned Instagram to not go through with it, or at least give them the option to disable it, but unfortunately their pleas have since fallen on deaf ears. According to reports, it seems that Instagram has begun rolling out its new algorithmic news feed in the US but as it stands, not everyone has received it yet.

Some users are reporting that their feeds have changed and we expect that eventually it will make its way to other users as well. It has been reported that Instagram had already rollout out these changes to other markets such as Singapore and New Zealand last month, so it looks like it has decided to make its way stateside at least.

In the meantime if you’d rather not miss out on posts from accounts that you do follow, then head on over to their profiles and enable notifications for them, meaning that if and when they post a new photo you will be notified, instead of having it buried under Instagram’s new feed.

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