Time and again people have complained that the endless prompts from Microsoft to users running Windows 7 and up were becoming unbearable but the company kept its “Get Windows 10” app around for those users. The app allowed them to claim their free upgrade to Windows 10. Now that the free upgrade period is going to end in the near future, there’s no need to keep this app around, which is why Microsoft will stop bugging you after July 19th to “Get Windows 10.”

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29th last year and for the first year after launch, it provided the software as a free upgrade to all users running Windows 7 and up. For one full year, it promised to distribute Windows 10 for free.

That year ends on July 29th and Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s going to stick with the plan and stop offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade after this date. Those eligible users who don’t upgrade for free by then will have to pay at least $119 to get an upgrade to Windows 10.

Those who would rather not leave Windows 7, at least they can find solace in the fact that once the free upgrade offer ends on July 29th, so will the Get Windows 10 app. Microsoft will disable the app after the aforementioned date and will eventually remove it altogether.

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