Some of the biggest phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have their own iconic ringtones that will forever be associated with their handsets. Even companies like Nokia and BlackBerry who are not as big as they used to be had their own iconic ringtones which many of us still remember since we’ve all used a Nokia or BlackBerry back in the day. A musician has taken those popular ringtones and turned them into nothing short of classical music.


Musician Tony Ann displays his skills on a piano as he takes some of the most iconic ringtones that remind you of your favorite smartphone maker and transforms them into something you’re sure to like.

Some carrier tunes also get similar treatment, see the video and you’ll find that T-Mobile’s T-Jingle and AT&T’s Original Cingular sound so much better when they’ve received the Tony Ann treatment.

Popular tones from Samsung, Apple, Verizon and many others receive the classical touch in this video, it just might want to make you change your existing tone with one of these recreations, they’re that good.

Check out the video posted above and see if you can find one that you want to use, there’s certainly something for everybody in the Tony Ann arrangement.

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