So far when it comes to smartphones with flexible displays, we’ve seen devices like the Galaxy Edge series of handsets from Samsung. These displays are flexible in the sense that the user can actually flex them, but rather they can be molded to fit around a curved body and remain functional.

However as you might have heard, Samsung is said to be working on a phone with a foldable display that could be launched in 2017 and will be known as the Samsung Galaxy X. For those wondering what such a phone with a flexible display could look like, or how such a display would function, a video uploaded onto Twitter has shown us how.

Note that this video isn’t a leak, but rather it appears to be a demonstration of Samsung’s foldable display technology in action at the SID Display Week 2016. This also means that what you are seeing won’t necessarily be the final product, but it does give us an idea of how a display that can be bent and folded could work.

It is an interesting concept but we have to wonder about practical application, and why anyone would need such a phone. However with the Galaxy Edge series proving to be a hit amongst users, we guess we probably shouldn’t be so quick to discount it until we see it, which like we said, will probably be in 2017.

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