sneakairsWhen it comes to wearable technology, there has been a whole lot of focus on bands and wrist devices, but how about shoes? Sure, Nike might have their own self-lacing sneakers, but that would make it more of cool than anything else. The prototype EasyJet Sneakairs that you see above happens to be a pair of smart shoes, where it is more of a navigation device than a performance enhancement walking tool.

How do the Sneakairs work? Got to love the word play on the name, but I digress. The EasyJet Sneakairs will hook up to your smartphone over Bluetooth, where each side will hold a tiny notification motor which buzzes in order to get your attention. When it is paired with a navigation app, such vibrations will be able to steer you in the right direction, for example, when you need to make a left turn, and your left heel will feel the buzz. There can be other more complicated vibration patterns which will warn you should you start to wander away from the preset path.

Of course, this works great in theory when you are strolling, but if one is in a hurry and runs? Surely the thumping of the feet might make it very difficult to feel any of the buzzes that are sent to your heels. Ah well, since it is a prototype, there is always time and room to refine such areas before it is ready to be marketed.

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