sony e3 2016Last year during E3 2015, Sony’s conference unveiled some pretty awesome stuff, such as The Last Guardian running on the PS4 (after rumors and fears that the game had been cancelled), and the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. So the question is, what will this year’s conference hold?


We suppose that’s anyone’s guess, but the good news is that the dates have since been confirmed and it is now set for the 13th of June at 6pm PT. Like we said, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Sony will unveil this year and while games are obvious, we’re sure that many are probably looking forward to learning more about the rumored PS4 “Neo”.

Sony has not confirmed the existence of the console, but E3 does seem like the ideal platform to make such announcements. Assuming that is the case, chances are we could see Microsoft unveil their own upgraded Xbox One, but that’s just speculation for now. However apart from the PS4 “Neo”, maybe we’ll learn more about Sony’s PlayStation VR efforts.

Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have been shipped out to customers (delays notwithstanding), leaving the PlayStation VR as the only dedicated VR headset that has yet to be officially released meaning that we could get a date at E3. In any case do check back with us come 13th of June for all the official details.

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