Articles about E3 2016

Latest Batman: Arkham VR Trailer Captures Fan Reactions
Sony confirmed earlier this year that Batman: Arkham VR will enable PlayStation VR owners to feel as if they’ve taken over as the Caped Crusader. The game has been developed by Rocksteady Studios, the same outfit that’s behind Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s a new story that’s set in the Arkham universe. A new trailer has been released today which captures reactions of the fans who were able to take it […]

Xbox Play Anywhere Release Confirmed For September
Microsoft announced the Xbox Play Anywhere feature at the E3 2016 gaming convention last month but didn’t provide a confirmed release date, only saying that the feature is going to go live later this year. The company has now confirmed the Xbox Play Anywhere release date, like promised it’s going to arrive later this year, it’s going to arrive in September 2016 to be precise.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Appear To Be A Hit In Japan
Sony finally confirmed at E3 2016 when it’s going to release PlayStation VR and when pre-orders are going to begin. It’s already expecting the virtual reality headset to be in short supply at launch owing to significant demand, and that assumption just might be true. PlayStation VR pre-orders have gone live in Japan and seeing how many people have lined up outside stores to sign up for one, it appears […]

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Open Beta Extended
Microsoft revealed more information about the Halo Wars 2 real-time strategy game at E3 2016 last week. It also confirmed when this game is going to be released, and as expected, announced that a multiplayer open beta was going live on that very same day. The multiplayer open beta of Halo Wars 2 was previously supposed to end on June 22nd but owing to demand from players, 343 Industries has […]


Working Model Of Hyperkin’s Smart Boy Spotted At E3
Last year as part of an April Fools’ joke, a company by the name of Hyperkin showed off a smartphone case called the Smart Boy. For those unfamiliar, the Smart Boy is basically a smartphone case that looks like a Game Boy and there was even a cartridge slot in the back in which you could slot in Game Boy cartridges to play on your phone.

Halo 6 Will Most Likely Be Released For The PC
Last month it was confirmed that Halo 5 would not be making its way onto the PC. We kind of knew this was the case, but it further cemented Microsoft and 343 Industries’ position on the matter, which is admittedly a bit disappointing. However if you might recall, a report from March suggested that the next Halo title could arrive for the PC.

Quake Champions For Console Is A Possibility
Fans of the Quake franchise were probably thrilled when Quake Champions was announced during E3. The game is a PC-only game at the moment, which isn’t surprising given that the Quake franchise has typically been PC-only. However the good news is that the possibility of it arriving on consoles is not out of the question.

Alienware Is Also Making A VR Backpack Of Their Own
The advantages to using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is that because they are powered by our computers, they tend to be more powerful and feature rich due to the resources they have access to. This is versus the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard/Daydream, and so on where they are powered by our phones.

PlayStation VR Demos Available From Retailers Nationwide Starting Tomorrow
Sony has been working on its virtual reality headset for quite some time now. It started out as being known just as Project Morpheus before Sony confirmed that it’s going to be called PlayStation VR. The company talked about it quite a bit at E3 2016 and confirmed when it’s going to be released. Many of you may not have had the chance to try it out but that changes […]

F1 2016 Release Date Confirmed, First Gameplay Footage Arrives
Codemasters confirmed the new F1 title late last month when it released work-in-progress screenshots from the game. We knew that we will hear more about this title during E3 2016 and we have. Codemasters has now confirmed the F1 2016 release date and it has also shared the first gameplay footage from the title. The footage mentions that it’s a work-in-progress so any judgement on the graphics will be premature […]

Pokémon Go AR Game Will Be Released In July
Nintendo confirmed during its E3 2016 press event that the Pokémon Go augmented reality game is finally going to be released for Android and iOS in July. This game was announced by The Pokémon Company in September last year, it has teamed up with developer Niantic to create this augmented reality game that will enable players to go out and capture Pokémon, which as you might be aware is the […]

Gran Turismo Sport 60 FPS 1080P Gameplay Footage Released
The PlayStation 4 exclusive Gran Turismo Sport was confirmed just last month, and Sony did talk about the title at its E3 2016 press event. It’s the first new-gen addition to the GT franchise and it will offer players four sets of cars that include 137 models combined. The game has 19 tracks and 27 possible layouts for players to navigate. You can get a glimpse of all that thanks […]

New God Of War Doesn't Feature Original Voice Actor Of Kratos
You might have been very happy when Sony confirmed during its E3 2016 press conference that a new God of War game is in the pipeline. You might have also been a bit confused to hear Kratos sound different in the God of War 4 trailer, and that’s because the original voice actor for Kratos has not been brought back for the new game. Someone else is voicing the iconic […]

Microsoft Confirms Dead Rising 4 Release Date
During its E3 2016 press conference, Microsoft shows off a new trailer for Dead Rising 4. It didn’t provide a confirmed release date for the title but only said that the game is going to be released in “holiday 2016.” A listing went live on the Xbox Store soon after which leaked the possible release date for this game. It hasn’t taken long since then for Microsoft to officially confirm […]

Halo Wars 2 Cross-Platform Play Support Not Available At Launch
Microsoft talked about the upcoming real-time strategy Halo Wars 2 game during its E3 2016 press event. It confirmed the release date for this game and provided information about the open beta. Studio head at developer 343 Industries has now confirmed some more details about this title, such as the fact that Halo Wars 2 cross-platform play support won’t be available at launch.

Microsoft Denies Xbox One S Will Have A Performance Advantage
The Xbox One S was announced the other day and according to Microsoft’s announcement, the console will support 4K video streaming and also HDR content, but other than that the console’s performance and hardware is expected to be in line with the current-gen Xbox One. At the end of the day the Xbox One S was supposed to be a slimmed down Xbox One with added features.

Ubisoft Turns 30, Will Give Away A Free Game Every Month
When it’s your birthday, generally speaking you are the one that should receive gifts. When it comes to companies, it seems like the other way around. Did you know that Ubisoft had recently turned 30? To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the company has announced during E3 that for the rest of the year, they will be giving away a free game every month.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Trailer Released
While the majority of video game movies have done pretty badly, there are exceptions to the rule. For example the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie was pretty well received, and it seems that to hype the release of Final Fantasy XV, the folks at Square Enix will be launching Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Zelda ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Will Be The Same On The Wii U & NX
Earlier Nintendo had announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We’ve known for a while that a new Zelda game is in the works, and it looks like more details and a trailer was released during E3. Now the thing is, the game will be released on the Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX.

New Rock Band Rivals Expansion Announced, Arriving This Fall
A couple of weeks ago, the folks at Harmonix teased a new guitar controller. As it turns out, this is not the only thing the company has planned. During E3, Harmonix also announced that Rock Band 4 will be getting a new expansion in the form of Rock Band Rivals. It will be priced at $30 and will be arriving this coming fall.