Chances are that the Windows 7 PC you got a few years ago was more than capable of running Windows 10 when the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system was released last year, but things are changing. Microsoft is going to release the next major update for Windows in a couple of months and you may have to upgrade your PC in order to install the update. Microsoft has now increased minimum system requirements for Windows 10.

Microsoft has updated its developer page to reflect that the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to require a minimum of 2GB RAM.

2GB RAM is already the required minimum for 64-bit versions of Windows 10, but Microsoft previously allowed the 32-bit version of its operating system to run on computers with at least 1GB RAM.

The machine also needs to have an at least 1GHz processor, 16GB free internal storage for 32-bit and 20GB storage for 64-bit as well as support for DirectX 9.

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s going to release the Windows 10 Anniversary update in a couple of months, but it hasn’t provided a confirmed release date yet. Given that it’s called Anniversary Update, one can expect the update to be released on July 29th, exactly a year after Windows 10 was released on the same date last year.

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