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Apple Maps Speed Camera Feature Rolls Out To More Countries
Apple Maps might not necessarily have had the best rollout or made the best first impressions, but Apple has definitely come a long way since then by constantly updating Apple Maps with new features and tools. All these updates make the service closer to its competitor, Google Maps.

Apple Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Vaccination Locations
The vaccine for the coronavirus has finally started to make its way around the world. If you’re looking to protect yourself from the virus, then it might be a good idea to get yourself vaccinated, but the question is where can you go? If you are an Apple user, then Apple Maps might be able to help with that.

Apple Maps Could Soon Get A Popular And Useful Google Maps Feature
One of the popular features of Google Maps is the ability for it to tell you if a place is crowded and what time the crowd usually shows up. This is useful if you’re planning to visit the area and you want to know what time you should go if you want to avoid the crowd, or if the place is currently crowded and maybe you should go elsewhere.

Apple Maps Update In iOS 14.5 Will Let Users Report Accidents And Hazards
While Apple Maps has come a long way since its initial debut, there are still some features missing from it that other apps have. For example, if you like to use Waze mainly because it allows you to report accidents and hazards, then you might be interested to learn that Apple Maps will be gaining that feature soon.


Apple Maps Will Now Remind Users To Self-Isolate
While there are travel restrictions put into place pretty much all over the world, some travel is still allowed as people need to go to other countries for work or other emergency reasons. The SOP is that whenever you come back from travel, you should self-isolate for a couple of weeks to make sure that you’re not infected with the coronavirus.

Apple Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Testing Locations Across The US
If you’re starting to feel unwell or if maybe you think you might have come into contact with someone who might have the COVID-19 virus, you should probably get yourself tested ASAP. If you’re unsure where the testing locations are, you might be interested to learn that Apple Maps will now show you where the nearest testing locations are in your area.

Apple Releases COVID-19 Mobility Data To Show Who’s Staying At Home And Who Isn’t
A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that they would be releasing location data to help authorities better understand how the COVID-19 virus spreads, and also to see who are moving about when they shouldn’t. It looks like it is now Apple’s turn to do the same, where they are releasing their mobility data that will pretty much do the same thing.

Apple Maps To Prioritize Foods And Medical Services In Search
Now with most of the world on lock down, services like food delivery and medical services have become more important than ever. If you’re an Apple Maps user, it seems that Apple is indeed prioritizing those services because according to a report, it appears that Apple Maps will now prioritize food and medical services when it comes to search.

Rollout Of Rebuilt Apple Maps For The US Is Now Complete
It has been a few years since Apple first released Apple Maps. The service did not get off to a good start where due to various bugs and issues, it failed to function properly as a map. Over the years, Apple has since made various improvements to its service, where the company has since recently confirmed that the rebuilt version of Apple Maps for the US is now complete.

Apple Maps Cost The Company ‘Billions’
When Apple first launched Apple Maps, it was a bit of a disaster as the app and service did not work quite as intended, where it actually led drivers down the wrong roads. It was so bad that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was forced to issue an apology and even recommended users use a different service until they could get it fixed.

Apple’s Answer To Google’s Street View Is Now Live In New York City, Los Angeles
One of the defining features of Google Maps is Street View. This allows users to get a look at the area on a street level to try and locate shops and landmarks. However, it seems that Apple is ready to challenge Google with its own answer to Street View, also known as “Look Around”, a new feature in Apple Maps.

Apple Maps’ Look Around VS Google Maps’ Street View
When it comes to navigation applications, Apple Maps has typically played second or even third fiddle to other apps such as Google Maps. This is due to the various missteps that happened during the app’s launch several years ago, resulting in at least one Apple executive being let go, and with Apple’s CEO issuing an apology and even recommending iOS users use other apps while they sort it out.

More Indoor Maps Added To Apple Maps
When it comes to mapping apps that can help you find your way around a new city, there are plenty of apps out there to choose from, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and so on. However sometimes there are some buildings that are so vast and foreign that you can get lost in them, which is where indoor mapping plays a big role.

DuckDuckGo Will Show Map Results Using Apple Maps
Google is understandably the default search engine for many due to its rich features and algorithms. However there are many who do not appreciate being tracked while they use the internet, which is why DuckDuckGo exists where it prides itself as being a privacy-focused search engine.

Apple Patent Hints At AR Version Of Apple Maps
We know that Apple loves its augmented reality (AR) tech, and there have even been rumors that the company could be looking to develop its own AR headset. So much so that we can’t say we’re surprised that Apple is exploring more ways of integrating AR into its other products and services, such as Apple Maps.

Waze Thanks Apple For Their Success, But It’s Not Necessarily Complimentary
Several years ago, Apple revealed their plans for their own maps called Apple Maps. Given that prior to that, Google Maps pretty much dominated the landscape, safe to say that with Apple’s resources, their attempts to launch their own mapping service might have given some pause. However we all know how that turned out, and Waze in particular seems pretty happy about it.

Apple Confirms They Are Collecting Pedestrian Map Data
Last month a photo shared on Twitter revealed what appeared to be an Apple employee walking around the streets with various sensors on his back, which was presumed to be part of Apple’s efforts to improve on Apple Maps by collecting mapping data on a pedestrian level (as opposed to driving around and collecting data).

Apple Employee Spotted Walking Around With Apple Maps Sensors
Apple Maps did not get off to a very good start. This was despite all the hype that was leading up to its launch. Over the years Apple has done their best to try and improve on it, and to their credit the app has definitely come a long way from what it was at the start. Now thanks to photos shared by Dante Cesa on Twitter (via MacRumors), we’re […]

Apple Is Rebuilding Maps Using Its Own Data
Apple Maps was touted as having the potential to overthrow Google Maps ahead of its launch, but fast forward to a few years later, it is clear that Google Maps is still very much the de facto map that many turn to. Apple has clearly made some improvements to Apple Maps over the years, but it seems that they are far from done.

Apple Maps Can Now Be Embedded Into Websites
Sometimes companies and restaurants and venues will embed a map onto their website to let customers know where they are and how to get there. For the most part the maps that we would see on websites are Google Maps, with the occasional Bing Maps thrown in, but now it looks like we might start seeing Apple Maps as well.