assassin's creed collectionSo last year the folks at Ubisoft registered a domain name for the Assassin’s Creed Collection, and given the name and the franchise, many had thought that this was in reference to some kind of collection where you would be able to get all the games including its DLCs in one single package.

Unfortunately we could not be further from the truth. According to a report from Games Radar, it has been revealed that Assassin’s Creed Collection is actually a monthly magazine model collection where you pay a subscription every month to receive new models that you can collect and display, except that we doubt that many of you guys would want to display these.

As you can see from the photos, these models are definitely not the best quality nor the most detailed that we have seen to date. However with a price tag of £2.99 a month, we guess you get what you pay for, and there will be six different models that fans of the franchise will be able to collect over the course of the year.

To sweeten the deal, there will also be a bunch of freebies thrown in, like a copy of the magazine, a binder, a tankard, and a belt buckle. We suppose if you’re the sort that just loves to collect everything they can get their hands on, perhaps this might be worth checking out.

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