When you think of cardboard, maybe you’re thinking of cardboard boxes which for the most part, are pretty flimsy and soft, but they’re sturdy enough to hold your objects. However to think of a house built out of cardboard sounds like it might be a modern day take on the Three Little Pigs, or is it?

Turns out that the Wikkelhouse is one house that the big bad wolf will have a hard time blowing down. Designed by Dutch company Fiction Factory, the Wikkelhouse is a house that is actually built out of cardboard and a house that has been designed to last around 100 years, which is obviously a very long time considering that some apartment complexes barely last half as long before they are torn down to make way for newer developments.

So how is the Wikkelhouse so strong? Basically it involves 24 layers of high quality cardboard made out of recycled materials. These layers are wrapped around a house-shaped mould and bonded together with eco-friendly superglue, a design choice that actually allows the design of the house to be modular as it is put together section by section.

The house is also covered by a waterproof and breathable foil that is supposed to help protect it against the elements. As it stands, the Wikkelhouses are only available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Denmark where they are priced at $29,000 for three segments.

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