facebook-live-android-screenOne of the features of Snapchat is its filters which allows users to turn themselves into cats, dogs, squash their faces, swap faces, and so on. These are fun filters that help enhance the user experience and in turn make users want to keep using the app, especially with Snapchat constantly adding new filters over time.

Now it looks like Facebook is stepping up their game because during VidCon, Facebook announced that Facebook Live will soon be getting Snapchat-like filters. This is courtesy of Masquerade, a company that Facebook had acquired earlier this year. In case you missed the news, Masquerade is the company behind the app MSQRD.

The app is focused at users who love taking selfies by introducing filters/masks that is overlaid on top of the user’s face, giving them weird and funny faces. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? However the difference here is that it will be applied to Facebook Live videos, meaning that the effects will affect the user as they stream live.

It will be interesting to see how well-received this feature will be. After all the users of Snapchat and Facebook Live are a little different and it remains to be seen if this is a feature that Facebook Live users will take advantage of.

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