360-degree reactIt wasn’t too long ago that Facebook rolled out its Reactions feature, which offered up alternatives to the standard “Like” button. Now it looks like Facebook has announced that users will be able to “React” to 360-degree videos in virtual reality, meaning that while you are watching a 360-degree video in VR, you will be able to react to it by looking at the “Like” button long enough.


Users will also be able to see the reactions of other Facebook users float by the screen, which we can only imagine will make the experience less lonely. The feature is only available for 360-degree videos at the moment, but it is expected to eventually make its way to 360-degree photos as well, so users will want to keep an eye out for that.

Support for 360-degree videos on Facebook was launched last year. Facebook isn’t the first to market with the feature considering that YouTube already offered something similar, but given the number of users Facebook has, this feature made sense. This was later followed by 360-degree photos which was launched earlier this month where it offered a similar feature except for photos.

So if you have a headset like the Samsung Gear VR, you can check out the reactions by launching a 360-degree video.

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